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Austin Debt Relief Attorney

Financial trouble comes in many forms. Most of Linda Rushing's clients file because they have experienced a major life change such as:
  • Job loss or serious underemployment
  • Significant medical bill debt
  • Divorce

Whatever the cause, bankruptcy is a necessary part of our economy. It provides a way for people to start over and survive. From the earliest cases in this country, the U.S. Supreme Court has written that bankruptcy is about a fresh start.

Unfortunately, the popular perception is that those who file for bankruptcy do it without much thought as a simple way to get out of their debt. In reality, it is an agonizing decision for almost every one of Linda Rushing's clients. They struggle with not being able to pay bills, they cash out their retirement funds and use every resource to make ends meet.


For most people, bankruptcy is a last resort.


When you are using every available penny to make payments on your debt, and then are living on your credit cards because there is no money left; when there is no foreseeable way out, it could be time to consider bankruptcy.

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Give Yourself a Fresh Start

Bankruptcy has a bad reputation. Often, people do not want others to know about their financial trouble. It causes shame and embarrassment. If bankruptcy is the best option, Austin debt relief lawyer Linda Rushing assures clients they are making the right choice to ensure a better financial future.

In fact, many more people have filed for bankruptcy than we would ever believe. When clients tell her they are deadbeats and losers, Linda Rushing asks them: "Do you think Walt Disney was a loser? What about Abraham Lincoln? Henry Ford? Willie Nelson? P.T. Barnum? Larry King? Mark Twain? Johnny Unitas?

Regardless of what the perception of bankruptcy is, it is there to help people get their heads above water. The many financial and life benefits of bankruptcy include:
  •     Debts discharged
  •     You do not pay taxes on discharged debt
  •     A second chance
  •     Peace of mind
  •     The ability to sleep again
  •     Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
  •     A reason to smile

With the help of a skilled and experienced bankruptcy attorney, you may be able to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief. Linda Rushing has been very successful getting her clients into Chapter 7 even when other attorneys said it was not possible. She is committed to helping people get the break they need.

Bankruptcy Can Help You Get Your Life Back — Contact Central Texas Bankruptcy Lawyer Linda Rushing

To take the first step toward a fresh start, turn to the Texas law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC. For a free initial consultation, call today or contact us online. Payment plans are offered to make bankruptcy an option for everyone.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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