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Austin Debt Collection Lawyer

The Automatic Stay — What Is It?

The moment you file a bankruptcy petition, a protective measure goes into place that freezes time as it applies to your income and your debt. This is the automatic stay. It stops everything.

All your creditors are listed on the bankruptcy petition and once it is filed, within about a week, the Court notifies all of your creditors. The automatic stay prevents ALL creditors from taking further debt collection efforts. It stops creditor harassment. Once the stay goes into effect, creditors cannot call or contact you.

If they do, you can give them the benefit of the doubt and give them your bankruptcy case number and tell them not to call again. If they continue to call, they are violating the automatic stay and could face court penalties.

Austin debt collection attorney Linda Rushing helps clients decide if Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right option and walks them through the entire process.

What Actions Are Stopped by the Automatic Stay?

The automatic stay applies to every creditor you have and stops them from:
  •     Calling you or family, friends and neighbors
  •     Sending collections letters
  •     Cashing pay day loan checks
  •     Foreclosing on your home
  •     Repossessing your car
  •     Garnishing your wages
  •     Filing lawsuits

How Does the Automatic Stay Help?

The automatic stay calls a time out in the "game" of collections between you and your creditors. The automatic stay is a valuable resource because it buys you time.

Case Example: A couple's home was set to be foreclosed on in December. They were hiding a car to keep it from being repossessed. In November, attorney Linda Rushing filed their bankruptcy petition. The automatic stay froze everything. While everything stopped, the couple filed their taxes, got a big return and used the money to get current on their mortgage and car payments. They were able to start fresh with peace of mind that they were not going to lose their home or car.

Contact Linda Rushing — Central Texas Automatic Stay Attorney

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