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Questions Your Attorney Will Ask You


Questions Your Attorney Will Ask You

  • Have you ever filed bankruptcy before? If so, WHEN? Where?
  • Do you own a home? Are you behind in payments? Have you paid all of the taxes and Homeowner's Association fees that are due on it?
  • Do you own ANY other real estate? Timeshare? Rental home? Oil and gas interests? Family property?
  • Have you sold any real estate in the last four years? If so, who did you sell it to? Did you make any money on it? If so, where did that money go?
  • Have you sold any personal property in the last 4 years? If so, what was it, who did you sell it to, and when?
  • Do you own any cars/trucks/vans or any other type of vehicle, trailer, boat, etc. that are not paid in full? Are you behind on any of those payments? Who is the credit company on the vehicles? Do you know the interest rate on the loan?
  • Do you have any other property that has a "lien" on it? (Furniture? Appliances? Computer? Jewelry? Something you are making payments on that could be taken/repossessed if you are behind in payments?)
  • Are you divorced? What state? Do you have any debts left from that marriage; any that the court ordered you to pay?
  • DO YOU OWE CHILD SUPPORT? If so, are you behind in your support? Is it taken from your pay (garnished)?
  • In the last year, have you paid any family or friends any money you owed them? If so, who and how much? (We need to know if you paid anyone, other than the mortgage/rent, or car payments, more than $300 in the last 6 months.) If it is a relative or friend, we need to know about payments in the last year.
  • How many people live in your home that you support? Are you supporting anyone who does not live with you? Who? Why?
  • How often are you, your wife/husband/ paid? What is the gross amount of your paycheck? ("Gross" means what you make, not what you take home.)
  • What is deducted from your pay other than taxes/social security/medical insurance/life insurance? IS ANYTHING being garnished from your pay right now? (student loans, taxes, child support)
  • Have you filed your income tax returns on time every year? If not, why not? What years are you missing?
  • Do you owe the IRS any money? Are you getting a tax refund?
  • Do you owe any federal or state agency money? (for instance, for overpayment of workers' comp, social security or family assistance)
  • Does anyone owe you more than $500?
  • Do you think – or know – that you inherited anything recently? Do you think you will inherit anything in the next year?
  • Do you have any law suits that you can file against anyone? (For instance, personal injury from an accident? Worker's Comp? Broken contract?)
  • Is anyone suing you? Why?
  • Does anyone have a judgment against you from a lawsuit?
  • Do you have any "toys" like a boat? Wave-runner? Camper or RV? Plane?
  • Do you own or collect anything valuable? Anything rare?
  • Do you own a business? If so how long? What is the purpose of the business? When did you start it?
  • If you have owned a business in the past, how long ago? If within the last 7 years, please answer the questions in #22 concerning this business.
  • Do you have any interest in any business?
  • Do you have any stocks or bonds? Savings accounts?
  • Do you have retirement other than a company plan; an IRA; 401K? Have you borrowed any money from your 401K plan?
  • Do you own any life insurance that has a cash value that you could get money from (usually whole life)? Do you have any loans against any life insurance policies?
  • Have you closed any bank or stock or other money accounts in the last 2 years? If so, what did you do with the money?
  • Have you co-signed any loans for anyone? Including student loans?
  • Do you have any student loans? Are you current in payments?
  • HAVE YOU USED YOUR CREDIT CARDS IN THE LAST 90 DAYS? Have you gotten ANY loans in the last 90 days? Or transferred any balance from one card to another in the last 6 months?
  • Do you have any criminal fines or debts related to criminal activity?
  • Do you have any other fines that have not been paid?
  • What is the approximate amount of your unsecured debt? Payday loans? Credit cards? Money owed on repossessed vehicles? Medical bills are important because they are not on your credit report.

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