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Filing for Bankruptcy in Austin

The bankruptcy process can be complex and confusing. The best option is to work with an experienced, skilled and kind bankruptcy lawyer.

At the Texas law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC, helping people is the priority. Firm founder Linda Rushing is dedicated to helping people on their journey toward financial freedom. She walks clients through the steps of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. From start to finish, she educates and informs clients so they have the knowledge to make solid decisions.

The first step to filing for bankruptcy in Austin is understanding the bankruptcy process. The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Meet and review. Clients meet with Linda Rushing and discuss their financial situation. Together, they go over the financial documents, including pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, possessions and a budget.
  2. Explore options. Attorney Rushing determines whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is an option and discusses her findings with her clients.
  3. Prepare. Attorney Rushing prepares the bankruptcy petition and all paperwork.
  4. Online course. Before the bankruptcy petition can be filed, clients go online to complete a required credit counseling course.
  5. Meet and sign. Linda reviews the final paperwork with the client and the client reads and signs everything.
  6. Filing. The bankruptcy petition is filed with the bankruptcy court.
  7. Docketing. A case number is assigned to the client's case and a date is scheduled for a hearing with the trustee and creditors.
  8. Second online course. Clients must complete a second online financial management course after the case is filed.
  9. Meeting of creditors. At the hearing, the client is sworn in and asked questions about the accuracy of the petition under oath. Because Linda Rushing is careful and detailed, the hearing is usually quick and goes smoothly. It is unusual for creditors to attend that meeting.
  10. Debt discharge. Approximately three months after the bankruptcy petition is filed, the client is eligible for a discharge. This means that all debt that could be discharged is gone and no further obligations remain. Not all debt is dischargeable. For more information, see the section on Student Loans, Income Taxes and Other Debt.
  11. Start fresh! SMILE! SLEEP!

The entire process takes approximately 90 days. Once a discharge is granted, that debt is gone. You own nothing further on it and you do not pay taxes on it.

See the FAQs section or the Glossary/Dictionary page for answers to common bankruptcy questions.

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