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Linda Rushing is a rare find for a competent attorney. As a veteran law enforcement professional of 30+ years, I've had occasion to work with hundreds of legal specialists in all the different court systems. Linda is very honest, down-home, and caring when she counsels. Bankruptcy is not an easy ride. There will be several dips in the road; however, when Linda tells you "it will be fine..this is normal..this is standard...DON'T WORRY" You can relax and believe her. My wife and I not only had a great lawyer, we found a new lifelong friend in Linda Rushing!

Linda Rushing is my attorney. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring, timely and on top of our case. I required a lot of hand-holding and she was there, without compliant, to take care of me and our family's needs. She is non-judgmental and does not come across as some attorney's do. You can't go wrong with Linda. I highly recommend her.

Linda is a wonderful person who treats her clients with respect and dignity. We were made to feel like people and not just a "job" every time we met with Linda. Linda was very quick to answer any and all questions we had as well as kept us up to date as to where we were in the process. She was always very kind and I never once doubted that I had made a good choice in choosing her as our attorney.

I would recommend Ms. Rushing to fight the battles. She is not afraid to ask questions and not afraid to challenge those above us. It has been three and a half years and we have had nothing but success in our legal issues. I appreciate all that she does for us and the hurdles she has helped us clear - if it ever happens again, I want her in my corner. She is definitely a fighter!

When Linda took over my case from previous lawyers she was a god send. She went through my files with a fine tooth comb, and ensure the best services for me. Linda works dilgently in regards to ensuring your experience when going through bankruptcy is a pleasant one, and not a night mare. When something went wrong with a few of my creditors she was right there going to bat for me. She kept me up to date with reports on my progress, and always encouraged me that there is a end at the tunnel. Linda always gave me good advise on Bankruptcy law. She works for you not the creditors, which gave me a peace of mine that everything was going to be alright.

I met Linda during a very difficult period of my life. I had recently lost my job, and after a 4 month search, I took the first job I was offered at less than half my previous salary just to have a steady paycheck. On top of that, I was just ending a 30 year marriage that left me both devastated and unable to cope with the huge debt my ex-husband had left me with. I had no idea where to turn next when I met with Linda Rushing. She was very compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, realistic and straightforward. But most of all, she gave me hope - something I sorely needed at the time. I left our first meeting thinking to myself, "I can do this!" - something I hadn't felt possible for quite some time. Linda Rushing literally gave me back my life and I will forever be grateful to her and cherish our friendship.

This goes out to individuals that are in financial trouble whether it is a personal matter or business matter. As we have all been affected by the decline of our economy and workforce structure you may find yourself in a place that my family and I were in three years ago. I was laid off of work and could not find work in the field of business that I specialized in and my spouse had just changed jobs as well taking a drastic pay cut. Over the next year following the job troubles and mounting credit debt our family faced major financial challenges and it took its toll mentally, emotionally and was drastically affecting our family unit and did not know where to turn. As a last resort we checked into bankruptcy and to our upmost pleasure we were referred to Bankruptcy Lawyer Linda Rushing, at that time Linda was working for a private firm and was assigned our case. Our initial meeting with Linda wiped away all the dark negative thoughts and horror stories you hear about the bankruptcy process and the cold atmosphere and personnel that goes along with the process. From our first meeting with Linda she was humble, not uppity and treated us as were equal. We were most impressed by the attention to detail, Law and gave us pointers and factual knowledge about the process and direction that would be applicable to our status and case. After our chapter 13 case was decided and a payment structure was agreed upon Linda constantly stayed in communication for matters little or large, answering questions and giving valuable advice. One would figure in the fast paced world we live in today that customer loyalty and service would be nonexistent but Linda Rushing has broken the mold and I would like to recommend her to website or any client, friend or family member that needs assistance. Linda is a good person who genuinely cares for all. I am a grateful client. Karl.