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Bankruptcy involves many different types of debts. The Texas law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC, focuses exclusively on Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Firm founder Linda Rushing helps clients understand what debts will be discharged and which will still have to be paid. She walks clients through the entire bankruptcy process quickly and efficiently.

Student Loans

Unfortunately, student loans are almost never discharged in bankruptcy. With Chapter 7, you may be able to get rid of most other debt, but the student loans will still be there.

Even if your student loans are not dischargeable, Austin student loan debt attorney Linda Rushing can help you manage your student loan debt and reduce your overall debt burden.

Income Taxes

Generally, a lot of income tax debt is not dischargeable, but there are some exciting exceptions. Linda Rushing will help determine if you qualify under the rules for having income tax debt discharged. Generally:
  •     The tax debt has to be more than three years old
  •     You must have filed your tax returns on time, when they were due

Other Debt

Clients often ask about many other common types of debt and whether they are discharged in bankruptcy. Certain kinds of debt are simply not dischargeable. For other debt, it depends on the circumstances.

Sometimes, debt that is ordered by a court is not dischargeable. This includes:
  •     Debt you are ordered to pay in a divorce
  •     Child support
  •     Alimony
  •     Restitution you were ordered to pay in a civil or criminal case
  •     Judgments that involved fraud

If a creditor sued you and got a judgment on a debt not listed above, that debt is almost always dischargeable; this includes medical debt, pay day loans and credit card debt. Linda Rushing is an experienced and effective bankruptcy lawyer. She will help you find the best solution for your debt relief needs.

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