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Foreclosure? Repossession? Wage Garnishment? Collection Lawsuits?

If you are facing any of these, you know how stressful financial trouble can be. It can take over your life.

If you have a letter from a Court or from a creditor threatening you with a lawsuit, garnishment or foreclosure, DO NOT IGNORE IT! Contact Austin Foreclosure Attorney Linda Rushing for help.

Time Is of the Essence

When the first signs of financial trouble begin, acting quickly and working with a skilled bankruptcy lawyer can help prevent major problems. At the early stage of trouble, there are still options available to get control over your finances again. Linda Rushing can help you understand your options and whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a good option.

When you get behind on your bills, your creditors use several options to get their money from you. The most common methods are repossession and suing you. They may also threaten foreclosure or even wage garnishment.

With repossession, the creditor takes back the property on which you are making payments. Wage garnishment occurs when creditors are authorized by the court to take money from your paycheck to pay your debt. In Texas, garnishment is not normal for consumer debt and is used in only a few situations, including child support, tax debt or student loans. Foreclosure is a process lenders use to recover the balance of a loan and includes selling the property. If these options do not work, the creditor might bring a lawsuit against you.

Get Help Now

The law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC, can help you immediately if you are in one of these situations. Attorney Linda Rushing will help evaluate if bankruptcy is right for you. If so, by filing bankruptcy, an automatic stay will prevent any further collection, foreclosure, garnishment or lawsuit activity.

Linda Rushing has a lot of experience representing Texas soldiers facing wage garnishment issues related to military "star" cards. She can help fight back. Her son is a former Army Ranger and she is dedicated to helping ALL who serve: soldiers, sailors, fire fighters, paramedics, police, etc.


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If a creditor is threatening you, turn to Austin bankruptcy lawyer, M. Linda Rushing, PC. Call today or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. To make the process easy and accessible for all, payment plans are available.

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