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In bankruptcy, the terms "discharge" and "dischargeable" are used frequently. A discharge is an order of the court that prevents your creditors from ever collecting on that debt. It frees you from the obligation to pay it off and you do not pay taxes on the discharged debt.

Certain types of debts are dischargeable, meaning they can be eliminated in the bankruptcy process. Others are not. Every case is different, so working with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who can dedicate personal attention to your case is important. You do not want to have any detail overlooked.

At the Texas law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC, every client is valued and receives the same caring, high-quality legal representation. Austin credit card debt attorney, Linda Rushing has dedicated her practice to helping people in financial trouble.


Linda believes: We are all on this journey together and her part is helping others.


Linda Rushing has extensive experience using Chapter 7 bankruptcy to erase debt of all types, including:

  • Credit card debt: High interest rates, living off credit cards to pay other necessities; whatever the cause of unmanageable credit card debt, Linda Rushing can help. In Chapter 7, credit card debt is almost always completely discharged.
  • Medical bills: Serious injuries or illness can cause huge financial problems. This only adds to more to difficult situations. The law firm of M. Linda Rushing, PC, can fight medical debt and help see that it is discharged in bankruptcy.
  • Pay day loans: Pay day loans are cash, check or paycheck advances given by lenders at very high interest rates to get people by temporarily. Despite the language in the fine print, this debt is usually eliminated in bankruptcy.

These types of debt are not attached to specific property (such as a car loan, for example). They are considered unsecured debt. After the bankruptcy is completed, credit card, medical bills and pay day loan debt will be discharged. You will not have to pay it back.

Some of these debts claim to be attached by a lien to personal property (TV, riding mower, other personal property.) Usually Linda Rushing can remove that lien. For loans attached to these items, she can often get the loan discharged without losing your property.


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